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4 Considerations Before Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are more of a necessity than a luxury. During the peak of summer, temperatures can reach up to triple-digits. Your home could easily feel like a sauna without one. Quality Air Experts, an air conditioning repair company in sterling, share some tips when you’re thinking about buying a new air conditioner.

Type of Air Conditioning System

There are different types of air conditioners —window-type air conditioners, split systems, multi-split systems, and ducted air conditioners. The system you need depends on the size of the room, space, and budget. Among these options, window or wall-type air conditioners are the most affordable, but these systems are getting less popular as split systems are becoming more budget-friendly.

The Capacity of the AC Unit

When choosing an air conditioner, consider the type of room you are trying to cool down. Bedrooms require a lower capacity, while open areas need a more powerful unit. For this, you need to consider the size of the room, but it doesn’t end there. You also have to think of the local climate, the number of windows and glass doors, their orientation and size, and whether windows have curtains or shading. Floor, wall, and ceiling insulation also matter when estimating required capacity.

Energy Efficiency and Cooling Technology

Look for ACs with higher EER star ratings.

All air conditioners come with an energy efficiency rating. Air conditioners that require lesser power have a higher star rating and consume less energy.

Cooling technology is another consideration. Inverter ACs use about one-third of the power consumed by non-inverter ACs, but they usually cost more.

Noise Level of Operation

Noise is another consideration when you’re shopping for a new air conditioner. The noise level for each AC could vary, but you want it to be not more than 50 dB. A noisy AC could ruin your sleep and disturb your neighbors. Look for AC units with multiple fan speeds, preferably with a very low setting, to reduce noise once the room reaches the right temperature.

When it comes to AC and commercial refrigeration installation and HVAC repair, hiring qualified professionals in Sterling makes a big difference. Professionals can install units to allow better airflow and minimize potential issues with the system.

Book a service appointment with Quality Air Experts to install your new unit quickly and help you optimize your HVAC system to maximize energy savings.