Can Space Heaters Replace Your Furnace?

Can Space Heaters Replace Your Furnace?

When winter visits Northern Virginia, the tendency is to hunker down and just survive. However, there are different ways to heat your home, including using a space heater and/or your furnace. Quality Air Experts offers the best residential and commercial heating services in Sterling and the surrounding areas. Below, we'll go over whether you can use a space heater to replace your furnace. Call for a free quote today!

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Consider the Size of the Space You Are Heating

One of the first considerations when debating using a space heater or your furnace is the size of the space you are heating. If you are only using one or two rooms throughout your day, then a space heater may be more practical and economical. However, if you want your entire home warmed, a space heater won't get the job done.

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Consider Energy Costs

There's no doubt that space heaters use less energy than furnaces. That being said, if you are running your space heater 24-hours a day and your furnace would run considerably less, then it may not be cost efficient to replace your furnace with a space heater.

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Consider Efficiency

When thinking about using your space heater in place of your furnace, you should consider efficiency. If you are looking to heat your entire home, using a space heater in every room is very inefficient and will cost you more in energy costs than using your furnace.

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Consider Safety

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, space heaters cause about 1,100 house fires per year and 50 deaths from those fires. While carbon monoxide poisoning kills more people per year, the statistics on furnace deaths are not separated. Modern space heaters are equipped with many safety features, such as automatic shut off if they tip over. In sum, it comes down to the safety of the person using each to decide.


Quality Air Experts offers residential and commercial HVAC services throughout Sterling and Northern Virginia. While we love space heaters and their proper use, to heat your home, your best bet, we believe, is to use an energy-efficient furnace. Get in contact with us for questions or to get started today!

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