Common AC Problems in the Summer Heat

Common AC Problems in the Summer Heat

While summer is a time for luxury and relaxation, it's also important to keep your air conditioning unit in peak condition to handle whatever comes your way. Quality Air Experts in Sterling, Virginia, are here to discuss the most common AC problems to look for to repair and get back to a relaxing summer. Learn more summer and air conditioning tips by checking out our blog today!

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Underperforming Fan

If you've noticed any inconsistencies with the sound or look of your fan moving, it's not just a minor inconvenience that will fix itself. From audible rattling sounds to a growing burning smell, catching these signs will allow a professional to fix the problems early and get your unit back to peak condition.

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Condensation Problems

If you notice any water dripping from a fan grill and there was no recent rainstorm, you most likely have a developing condensation problem. Left unchecked, condensation problems will escalate to a damp, musty smell while possibly growing mold over time. Our AC Tune-Up services also remove any condensation problems in your system.

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Faulty Capacitors

Left unchecked, a faulty capacitor will melt and get into your AC unit. Like checking for fan problems, inconsistent visual cues such as the fan not spinning normally indicate a faulty capacitor. If you ever have questions about your capacitor, our free consultation will elaborate on the answer you're looking for.

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Susceptible Outdoor Units

AC units left outside should always be cleaned of debris each week to prevent unwanted damage and pileups to your fan. Units from Quality Air Experts are made to withstand the outside and will last a long time against the weather. As long as you do a quick check every time you do lawn work, your AC unit should not have to worry about outside debris.

With your knowledge of problem spot-checking, your unit should last way longer than the average expectancy. If you're looking for professional air conditioning maintenance, get it done by the premier Northern Virginia air conditioning maintenance group and get a 10 percent discount on any repair when you call today!

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