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Common Causes of Dirty Indoor Air

Indoor air pollution should be as much of a concern as outdoor pollution. With more people spending time indoors, it’s crucial to improve the air quality inside your home. Many household products contribute to dirty indoor air.

Quality Air Experts, an air conditioning repair provider in Sterling, shares some of the most common reasons for dirty air and some tips to reduce allergens in the air.

Smoking Inside Your Home

If you or someone in your home smokes, indoor air quality can suffer. Smoking happens to be one of the most common pollutants inside a home. Tobacco smoke can cause many health issues. Having a family rule not to smoke indoors could be one way to improve the air quality inside your living space.

Not Cleaning Regularly

When you don’t clean your home regularly, dust and dirt could contribute to the poor air quality inside your home. Dirty homes can trigger allergies and worsen breathing problems, especially in children and the elderly. Cleaning your home, replacing curtains, wiping dusty surfaces, and washing your bedding regularly could reduce the allergens circulating indoors.

Cooking with Gas

Cooking can release irritating gasses, especially when you’re using a propane stove or natural gas. Your indoor air quality could also suffer and may lead to wheezing for people with asthma. To make sure the gas burns cleanly, get a technician to service the gas jets and adjust the metering. Opening a window or using a fan hood could reduce the buildup of gasses.

Poorly Maintained Air Conditioner

Air conditioners work hard to keep you cool, but you also need to practice proper maintenance of your HVAC unit to prolong its life. Regular maintenance is crucial in keeping indoor air clean. Unclean air conditioners could circulate more allergens. Your AC may also accumulate mold, and refrigerant gas leaks could compromise your health. Hire an HVAC repair company to check problematic AC units and do routine maintenance to improve air quality.

The household products you're using and activities influence the air quality inside your home. Minimizing pollutants that trigger allergies require some changes. Choosing hypoallergenic products, opting for organic cleaning agents, and cleaning HVAC units regularly.

If you're sneezing for no reason, make an appointment with Quality Air Experts in Sterling for HVAC maintenance and occasional duct cleaning. Maintaining clean indoor air makes your home a healthier place for you and your family.