Considering Furnace Maintenance? 4 Reasons Why You Should Call Today

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important

Invest in HVAC Maintenance — Call Today!

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Lowers Your Energy Bill

A furnace may account for up to half of your energy cost. A furnace that has been fine-tuned will be more efficient and use less energy. In fact, several studies have found that routine maintenance may save you up to 30% of your money. Clean furnace filters will allow you to maintain the correct temperature in your house without incurring high energy costs.

Ensure that you change your filter regularly and ensure proper airflow which lowers the need for regular furnace repairs.

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Detect Potential Hazards Such as Gas Leaks

Furnaces generate heat by burning fuel, and the efficiency of the combustion process is critical. A gas leak might be caused by a fault with the furnace system. Carbon monoxide leaks are also a possibility with an uncontrolled furnace.

Because the gas is colorless and odorless, it is more difficult to detect. Carbon monoxide poisoning can induce nausea, headaches, and death in some circumstances.

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Keep your Manufacturer's Warranty Intact

A 10-year guarantee is available on most high-quality furnaces. Because a well-maintained furnace may last up to 20 years, you'll want to check in on it on a frequent basis to ensure that it qualifies for the warranty.

If you ever need to use that warranty, they'll ask for service records to verify that you've been taking care of it. If you haven't done so, you're not likely to receive the benefits you desire. Spending money on regular furnace repair is the greatest way to be safe rather than sorry.

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Maintaining Comfortable Temperatures

You may find out if your furnace will serve you effectively throughout the season by getting a yearly furnace tune-up before winter arrives. The last thing you want is to be startled awake by the bitter cold because your furnace has failed.

Knowing the state of your furnace before the cold season arrives will save you a lot of time and aggravation. If all of your maintenance efforts fail to save your furnace, for instance, you'll have plenty of time to replace it beforehand.

If your furnace hasn’t been checked in a while, it is important that you get it serviced immediately. HVAC maintenance on a timely basis will help you save much more hassle in terms of money and problems of replacement later down the line. Contact us for a quick quote and book an appointment today.

Invest in HVAC Maintenance — Call Today!