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Easy Ways to Keep Your Home's Air Clean

With many Americans spending most of their time indoors, keeping indoor air clean should be your main priority. You can make small changes to improve air quality inside your home or office. Here are some tips from Quality Air Experts, an HVAC and Commercial Refrigerator repair company in Sterling to help you improve your overall health.

Open Your Windows

How often do you open your windows? One of the simplest things you can do to improve air quality inside your home is to open your windows even for just a few minutes a day. Air pollutants can accumulate inside your home, and a few minutes of opening your window can eliminate some of the allergens in the air and allow fresh air to circulate.

Change Your Filters

Running an AC helps improve air thanks to its filtration system that traps air pollutants. However, if filters become too dirty, you may have to replace them. Dirty filters could be the culprit behind poor indoor air quality. To compensate for blocked filters, your AC needs to work harder and this increases the energy consumption.

Leave Your Shoes Outside

Your shoes may look clean, but they could carry a lot of dirt from outside. Pollen, bacteria, and even human and animal waste could stick to your shoes without you knowing. When you bring your shoes inside your house you may be tracking dirt stuck on your shoes all over the house. Taking your shoes off outside keeps the air cleaner and your floors too.

Consider Duct Cleaning

Unlike filters, ducts do not require cleaning. However, there are instances when duct cleaning becomes necessary to improve indoor air quality. Excessive dirt and debris, vermin infestation, and visible signs of mold call for duct cleaning. Clean air ducts improve the efficiency of your HVAC units. In worse-case scenarios, air ducts may have to be replaced or retrofitted.

Invest in Air Purifiers

If you’re having an allergic reaction, but you can’t pinpoint the reason or you have pets inside the house, an air purifier may help.

Ionic purifiers, in particular, may reduce the allergens circulating inside your home. This can ease the problem, but don’t expect it to solve the issue.

Access to clean indoor air allows you to breathe easier and stay healthier. Small steps like keeping your home clean, dusting, and letting fresh air in could make a difference in the air quality. Modifying some habits could also go a long way. But if the issue lies with your HVAC unit, calling a reliable local provider is a must. Schedule an appointment with Quality Air Experts in Sterling for HVAC repair, duct cleaning, and routine maintenance to improve your home's air quality.