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The Benefits of an HVAC Inspection

For many consumers and residents of their respective locations, a properly running HVAC system is just a given. After all, HVAC systems should continue to run in their proper condition for years on end. While this would make sense in a perfect and never-changing world, the truth is that HVAC systems become faulty when they are often overlooked. This leads to the need for repair, replacement, and unprovoked hassle to the end-user.

The truth is that HVAC systems need to be monitored and inspected on a regular basis. A simple inspection can save the consumer tons of unwanted expenses that come from neglecting the system’s needs. Proper HVAC inspection involves hiring a team of trusted technicians and is an important factor for getting a thorough and precise analysis of the situation. The Quality Air Experts specialize in analyzing and performing services related to all aspects of the HVAC system in Sterling. Read on to learn more about the benefits associated with routine and proper HVAC inspection.

What Does an HVAC Inspection Look For?

Hiring a professional for an HVAC inspection involves a detailed and thorough check that encapsulates much more area than most would assume. While they do check the main housing unit for issues, the system is much more complex and the professional’s job does not just stop there.

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Areas Checked During an Inspection:

  • Motor

  • Blower

  • Drain Line

  • Coils

  • Operating Pressures/Temperatures

  • Return and Supply Lines

  • Refrigerant Levels

  • Connections

  • Air Ducts

A full and thorough inspection that addresses each of these areas is much more effective than a resident “inspecting” their own system because one faulty step among these numerous parts could cause huge distress or malfunction to the entire unit.

Maintain Your Family’s Health

HVAC units heat up, cool down, and distribute air throughout the entirety of your residence. This makes it essential for the units to be inspected and well maintained to prevent dirt particles and other contaminants from freely floating around your residence. Spoiling the air quality due to a faulty device will lead to health problems and trouble breathing for all inhabitants inside. Long-term exposure to these elements can lead to respiratory illness. A detailed inspection of your HVAC system will include the ductwork where many of these health concerns stem from. If this is a problem, the technicians can recommend cleaning the area to promote clean air and better breathing environments.

Reduce Utility Bills

An HVAC system that is not properly inspected and maintained can also lead to increased energy consumption and energy costs. This is because an improperly maintained HVAC system will require more energy to produce the same output needed to provide year-round comfort. Hiring a proper inspector to examine the area will allow them to seek out the root of the problems, and allow scheduled maintenance to shortly follow suit. This will help get your system and your energy payments back on track.

Increase Circulation

The HVAC system in place at your home provides the airflow needed to reduce stagnant and murky air. If your system is not properly functioning, then this airflow can get restricted, leaving your home susceptible to the stagnant and impure air that builds up over time. A simple inspection can find the issue of these airflow problems and lead to proper maintenance to get the air flowing freely as it should.

Improve Air Quality

Particles and contaminants that enter the house are regularly filtered out from the HVAC unit before the air is dispersed into the home. When the system is not in proper working order, then the air quality will be impacted by the introduction of these particles into the airflow of the home. Inspections can help determine where the issue stems from, and from unit to air ducts the entire system will be properly taken care of, resulting in higher air quality throughout.

Lower HVAC System Demands

Ignoring the simple inspection and maintenance services that your system needs will impact the amount of work that the system has to provide to keep up with your demands. A system without proper care will have to exert more work to compensate for the damaged and rusting parts. Engaging with routine maintenance and inspection will prove to be more cost-effective and valuable in the long run as opposed to having to fully repair or replace a system after a catastrophic meltdown.

Expert Inspection Services in the Sterling Area

If you are in need of an inspection of your current HVAC system, or you just want to check on the system to ensure it is in the proper working order, consider Quality Air Experts. The Quality Air Experts provide years of knowledge and dedication to repairing and maintaining systems just like yours. Contact us today to see how we can help provide quality back into your air.