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The Most Common HVAC Myths

HVAC systems have complex systems, making it easy to misunderstand how heating and cooling work. When you’re looking to extend the life and improve the efficiency of your units, you need to stop believing in false tips.

Quality Air Experts, a company providing HVAC and air conditioning repair and commercial refrigerator installation in Sterling, discredits some myths that could cost you more money, or worse, endanger your safety.

Closed Vents Save Heat

During winter, closing vents in rooms you are not using to save energy may be tempting, especially if you heard the myth that it helps you reduce energy usage. Unfortunately, this belief is not only false, it can rack up your energy bills and cause your HVAC unit to work harder. Modern heating systems work more efficiently when you allow them to heat your home evenly.

Keeping ACs Covered in Winter

Your AC units can withstand outdoor temperatures be it rain, snow, or heat. Even in winter, you can leave your AC unit uncovered unless you’re worried about leaves falling on your unit. Covering the AC itself may attract vermin looking for a warm nest or the cover could produce moisture making your unit susceptible to mold.

Knowing the Square Footage Is Enough

When it comes to choosing HVAC appliances for a home or business some people rely solely on the area of the space. While knowing the square feet is useful there are other factors to consider like the direction the room is facing if there are windows, the number of windows, thickness of glass panes, insulation, ceiling height, and draft conditions in the room. All these factors help you determine the right HVAC unit for a space.

Dense Air Filters Are Better

HEPA air filters may seem to be the filter upgrade you need but that’s not always the case. Dense air filters could obstruct the airflow in your home and your HVAC units would have to work harder to reach the ideal temperature. Many HVAC repair companies recommend using four-inch filters that could catch more particles without stifling airflow over denser filters so your system can continue working efficiently without working harder.

Efficient HVAC elevates your overall comfort. Keeping your hearing units in prime conditions relies on how you operate the system. Knowing what methods work and which ones harm your HVAC system saves you from being left out in the cold while calling a local HVAC repair company.

If you have concerns with your HVAC system, call Quality Air Experts in Sterling today to get in touch with expert technicians who can repair and maintain your cooling and heating units.