Why Is My Air Conditioner Running All The Time?

In the hot and cumbersome months of summer, almost anything can feel like a relief from the outside environment. Simply getting out of direct sunlight and into a shaded area can provide wonders to your comfort level. Having an air conditioner unit inside of your residential home is an effective way to ensure sanctity and consistency from the outside heat.

However, it seems that lately, your air conditioner unit is running at full speed constantly. From sunrise to sunset the unit is working at high gear, seemingly in an endless loop to establish cool air. While it is quick to assume that is just normal behavior, your continued high energy bills will vouch against that stigma. The truth is that there are numerous potential reasons as to why your AC unit might be running nonstop, and not all of them are malicious. Some issues point to a defect in the unit itself, while others can indicate other issues in your home that can be corrected with simple steps. Read on to learn more about constant running AC units, the issues that can cause them, and ways to get back on track.

Potential Causes For Constantly Running AC Units

Improper Unit Size and Installation

A properly sized and efficient central air conditioning unit will run fairly consistently in the summer months to maintain a constant and desired temperature in the home. The unit will operate at the highest level of efficiency when allowed to perform their job at full speed.

Unit Too Small:

If the unit is too small for your living space, it will have to work harder to maintain the cool temperature in your home. Over time, this unit will experience wear and tear associated with overexertion, and its lifespan will be greatly reduced. You will never reach the desired level of coolness, and the continuous power will lead to frequent breakdowns.

Unit Too Large:

If your system is too large for the living space, it will not effectively remove moisture present in the air. This leads to very wet and clammy air being blown into the home. This will also lead to high consumption and short working periods, which will greatly increase your energy bills.

Wrong Duct Size:

The size of your ducts should mimic the size of your air conditioning unit. If your ducts are the wrong size for your unit, they will not be able to handle the airflow or distribute the air effectively throughout the entire location.

Air Filter

Most people have no idea when the last time they checked or changed their AC unit filters. If it has been a while since the last filter repair or replacement, then your unit is currently suffering. The cool air production will be cut down, which will make the unit work more continuously throughout the day with less consistency. If the air filter is clogged, the handler will have to work harder to compensate for the lack of transparency.

Dirty filters are one of the main reasons why AC units have to be repaired or replaced. Dirty filters make the unit work harder to achieve the same results, which can cause overheating. A simple cleaning or replacement of the filter once a month or so will aid in the airflow pumped out from the unit. With enough air flowing through the system and a clean filter, more moisture will be removed in the process and the unit will not continuously run when it shouldn’t.

Dirty Air Conditioner Coils

Any contaminants that get into the air conditioner is considered dirt. This can include grass clippings, pet hair, and mud. When these contaminants get into the air conditioner unit, it restricts airflow. Restricted airflow causes diminished performance. To fix this, a trusted AC technician will have to inspect your condenser and evaporator coils. Condenser coils are exposed to the outdoor elements, and so they need to be clean to maintain efficiency. They can be hosed down when the power is removed from the device. The evaporator coils are harder to maintain and must be performed by a professional. If they are not taken care of, they will result in poor cooling performance and higher operating costs. Annual maintenance is the key to removing this unwanted dirt and dust.

Broken Thermostat

If your system never shuts off, it could indicate an issue with the thermostat. In reality, your system could be working fine and achieving the optimal levels of coolness, but if the thermostat reads a different and incorrect number, then it could continue pumping out cold air forever. An easy way to test it is to place another thermometer near the thermostat and measure the results after a couple of hours. If they are at similar temperatures or the accurate measurement that the temperature should be at, then you will realize your thermostat is the faulty equipment.

Poor Insulation and Air Leaks

If your home is not properly sealed from the external environment, then you could be losing the cool air that your system is outputting. This results in your unit working much harder to achieve the results, and it will run longer and drive up energy costs. Leaks in the basement area are especially cumbersome because cool air rests below the warm air. Ensure a tight seal around the entire premises to get the best results from your unit.

Needed Maintenance

To continue running optimally, the unit will need regular maintenance visits. Ideally, this process should happen twice a year. When your trusted technician visits the site, they will make sure that everything is clean and in proper working order. They will replace the worn-out parts, and confirm the thermostat accuracy. These frequent visits will also extend the life of your system.

Needed Replacement

Air conditioners have a certain lifespan no matter how well or poorly they are taken care of. You should get a new unit every 10 years or so, and this process will be handled by a professional team. This process might have more upfront fees but will save you money in the long term with better efficiency and less additional costs.

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