5 Things You Didn't Know About Air Conditioners

The first day of spring is just a few days away, and that means that you’ve probably turned your furnace off for the season and have switched to your air conditioning system.

We’ve written about air conditioning systems extensively in the last few weeks. From discussions about the relationship between air conditioners and home prices to general air conditioning FAQs, there’s been no shortage of technical how-to guides and informational posts.

In this post, we’re going to switch gears and discuss a few interesting facts you probably haven’t heard about your air conditioner. When you’ve finished reading this post, contact the Quality Air Experts team for a consultation to discuss air conditioning installation, repairs, or general maintenance!

Did You Know These Five Facts About Your Air Conditioner?

Their Original Purpose

In 1902, inventor Willis Carrier didn’t set out to invent a device that would revolutionize the world — he was looking for a solution to a problem that his New York publishing company was experiencing. Warm weather and humidity caused ink, paper, and other materials to behave inconsistently, making the process difficult to streamline and making it even more difficult to deliver a consistently quality product.

The solution? A device that reduced humidity and worked to cool the air in the factory. The air conditioner was born.

Movie Theaters Were a Cool Escape

Movie theaters are known for being cool, and even borderline chilly! The history goes back to the 1900s when air conditioning became popularized around the country. Residential air conditioning was still rare due to the high cost of installation and maintenance, but business owners could afford them and took full advantage of the demand they created. Movie theaters in particular did relatively well by providing several hours of cool, comfortable entertainment. If you’ve ever had to bring a jacket into a theater, you know that the tradition is alive and well to this day!

Summer Vacation Was Related to Cooling Concerns

Every year, children and teachers across the country look forward to the months-long break between summer and fall. Interestingly, the summer break we all know and love isn’t directly rooted in academics — it was created due to the fact that, in many parts of the country, the summer months were simply too hot for school to be held indoors. Schools across the nation adopted the break in an attempt to facilitate more effective learning throughout the rest of the year, and the tradition lives on in most major school districts and colleges to this day.

Air Conditioning Saves Lives

You’ve probably heard stories about particularly hot locations such as California, Arizona, and Texas becoming hazardous during heat waves in which residents overload a city’s power grid and have no access to air conditioning. Unfortunately, these situations have had lethal consequences and serve as a painful reminder that air conditioning is so much more than a luxury. In fact, researchers have estimated that air conditioning has reduced the risk of heat-related death in the United States by approximately 80% in the last five decades.

Environmentally Friendly Units Can Yield Big Savings

The United States spends approximately $29 billion on cooling each and every year. Much of this price tag comes from residential homes, and many homeowners are unaware of the fact that they’re quite literally leaving money on the table by using an old and outdated unit season after season. Depending on how old your home’s model is, you could save up to 50% by switching to a high-efficiency system and taking advantage of rebates and the immediate energy savings reflected in your monthly bills.

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