6 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Fridge In Great Shape

At Quality Air Experts, we understand that it’s hard to overstate the importance of a commercial refrigerator. Whether you operate a restaurant, grocery store, butcher shop, or any other business that relies on a commercial fridge, you know just how crucial it is for it to keep running at peak efficiency. If it isn’t working properly or stops functioning altogether, you could find yourself facing thousands of dollars in losses from spoiled inventory, not to mention future losses incurred while you wait for commercial refrigeration repair.

As the go-to HVAC company and commercial fridge repair experts in Sterling, we have a few easy-to-implement tips that can help you reduce your risk of decreased performance and total failure. Read on to learn more, and give us a call if you need to schedule maintenance or repairs for your business!

Keep It Clean

Cleaning a commercial fridge probably isn’t any of your employees’ idea of a good time, but it’s one of the most important things you can do to keep it working properly and to check for indications of poor performance. If you’re storing perishable goods inside of your refrigerator, make sure that leaks and tracked-in debris are cleaned up regularly, especially if it’s occurring near hinges or other pieces of equipment. You can determine a cleaning schedule that best fits your operation’s needs, but just make sure that it’s getting done thoroughly!

Inspect the Seal

Your fridge’s seals and gaskets are arguably just as important as the system’s mechanical components. If these aren’t working properly, then all of the work your system is doing to keep the interior cool is going to be lost. You’ll likely see your business’ energy bill rise as a result, and the content of the fridge might spoil, too.

We recommend making seal and gasket inspections a regular part of your cleaning routine. If food or debris is clogging or has damaged them, you’ll want to schedule an appointment to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Don’t Pack It

No matter how small your business is, commercial refrigeration systems are generally much larger than fridges and freezers in residential homes. As a result, business owners and employees often pack them with as many goods as they can. This might make sense from an organization standpoint, but doing so can actually reduce airflow and cause the system to work overtime, putting unnecessary strain on the fan and motor.

Follow Manufacturer Recommendations

Every commercial fridge comes with a user manual and manufacturer recommendations about when to have it maintained and what to do in the event that a problem occurs. If you don’t know where this information is, you can always look it up online or contact the manufacturer directly. In either case, having this information tucked away somewhere you can easily find it will make it much easier to keep the fridge in good working order.

Know the Warning Signs

Although we’ve noted several different things you can do to make sure that your commercial refrigerator stays in great condition, one of the most important things you can do is simply to know the warning signs of a failing system.

Signs You Need Commercial Refrgerator Repair.jpg

If you notice these signs or any others that don’t seem quite right, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and contact a commercial refrigeration repair expert to take a look. Even if the problem isn’t extensive, the stakes are high enough that professional service is always worth the investment.

Contact Commercial Refrigeration Repair Experts

Building on the previous point, we always recommend that you contact a reputable company if you need repairs. Not every company is equipped with the tools and knowledge it takes to diagnose and repair a commercial refrigeration system, even if they offer it as a service on their website. The last thing you want is to have to call yet another company to clean up another company’s poor workmanship.

At Quality Air Experts, we take pride in offering fast and affordable service that will get your fridge back to optimal condition so that you can focus on running your business. Learn more about our qualifications and give us a call or fill out our convenient online contact form to schedule a service appointment!