Can You Perform AC Repairs Yourself?

The internet has made it easier than ever to learn new skills without leaving the comfort of your own home or spending your own money. Home improvement jobs are no exception, and many homeowners are now finding themselves tempted to tackle small repair jobs around the house to save money.

If your air conditioner isn’t working properly or has broken down altogether, you might be confident that although you’ve never performed AC repairs on your own, you can find a tutorial and avoid paying a professional HVAC contractor.

As long-time industry veterans who have gone through extensive training, we sincerely appreciate anyone’s interest in our trade, but we highly recommend that you leave repairs and maintenance to us. Below, we’ll discuss several reasons why you should choose to call a professional HVAC contractor instead of performing the work yourself.

If your air conditioning system isn’t working properly or has stopped working altogether, contact Quality Air Experts to schedule an air conditioner repair appointment!

Diagnosing the Problem

You can’t find a solution to a problem if you haven’t made — or aren’t sure how to make — the right diagnosis. Many air conditioner problems have varying causes that can be difficult to identify without proper training. This means that at worst, you might find yourself spending time and money “fixing” something that isn’t even wrong. When you have to call a professional HVAC company for assistance, you’ll have spent unnecessary time and money in addition to the cost of professional service.

Using the Right Tools

Air conditioners are complex systems that require the use of specialized equipment you probably don’t have in your garage. The tools it takes to diagnose and repair an air conditioner are also quite expensive and can make a DIY job comparable in price to hiring a professional from the start. Unless you plan to continue performing the same kinds of repairs over and over again, you’re better off financially by investing in professional AC repair services.

Handling Chemicals

Refrigerants, cleaners, and other chemicals involved in the AC repair process are dangerous and should only be handled by a professional. In fact, refrigerants require certification before they can be handled at all! Other chemicals that don’t require certification can still be toxic and require specialized handling and disposal. It’s best to leave anything chemical-related to an experienced HVAC contractor instead of doing even more research and potentially putting your own health at risk.

Protecting the Warranty

Is your air conditioner protected by a warranty? If it is, then you don’t want to risk voiding it by attempting AC repairs on your own. Many manufacturers require that repairs both large and small be performed by a licensed and certified contractor in order for the warranty coverage to be valid. If you void the warranty performing DIY repairs, you’ll end up footing the bill for professional repairs or a brand new system, depending on the extent of the problem.

Saving Time, Money, and Stress

As you’ve probably already gathered at this point in the article, HVAC repairs are one of those services that shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of saving money. You can learn to paint your interior, replace the flooring, and take on any number of DIY tasks around the house, but performing AC repairs is a skill that requires extensive training and specialized equipment. Many people injure themselves attempting repairs, while others cause extensive damage and make existing problems worse.

At Quality Air Experts, we like to think about AC repair services as an investment that provides you with peace of mind, saves you time, and prevents you from spending more than is necessary to get everything running properly.

Need AC Repairs in Sterling? Call Quality Air Experts!

We hope that this entry will prompt you to think twice before trying to perform AC repairs on your own. If your system isn’t working properly, contact the Quality Air Experts team or book an appointment online. We offer fast, affordable, and high-quality service that makes it easy and convenient to get back to cool and comfortable living.

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