Summer Cooling Tips

Summer Cooling Tips

Summer is all sunshine and fun until the inevitable heat waves kick into gear. Quality Air Experts in Sterling, Virginia, are here to provide the best summer cooling tips to make each long day more enjoyable for everyone. Learn more summer and air conditioning tips by checking out our blog today!

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Watch The Windows

They might be household staples, but the ability for one window to alter the temperature of a room and home is huge. Even with a quality air conditioner, having just one window open on a hot summer day will raise the temperature while demanding unneeded work for your energy levels.

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Check The Forecast

Not only will your local forecast aid in knowing what days will be the hottest, but it often will notify your area about any potential heat warnings on any given day. So as long as you keep your AC Tune-Ups consistently, you will have the right tools to prepare for the worst heat indexes.

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Know Your AC Unit

It’s true that not all AC units are built the same. However, knowing what your unit is capable of will help you prepare for the most severe days while allowing you to save money when using a top-tier machine. If you have any questions about your current AC unit and what it’s capable of, give us a call for a free consultation today!

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Improving Your Cooling Options

If you’re experiencing dreadful summer heat even after following these tips, it’s time for a proper AC Tune-Up. The units from Quality Air Experts will provide you with a consistently high-powered air conditioner that will help keep you and your home cool all summer long and beyond.

Summer is a time of celebration and relaxation. Get the best of both worlds by following these tips from the quality air experts that care. As the premier Northern Virginia air conditioning maintenance team, we’re always here to help you live in the comfortable and well-conditioned space you deserve. Contact us today for a free quote and get a 10% discount on any repair!

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