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Watch Out for These HVAC Company Red Flags

Having fully functional HVAC units is more than just luxury, it's a must whether it’s summer or winter in Sterling. Since cooling and heating units break down from time to time, you need to have a go-to company for HVAC maintenance and reactive repairs. Quality Air Experts, an HVAC and commercial refrigerator repair company in Sterling, shares some tips on spotting shoddy contractors.

Long Waiting Times

HVAC and air conditioning repair requests are time sensitive. HVAC units could break down unexpectedly, and solving the problem as soon as possible is an immediate need, especially in winter. Look out for companies with bad reviews online because of the long waiting time or having only a few people working on multiple clients. And try to find an HVAC repair company that hires a team of technicians to work for multiple clients.

Uninsured HVAC Repair Contractors

Checking force air systems across your home can be risky. Technicians could get electrocuted or poisoned by gas fumes from AC units. To avoid liabilities due to accidents on your property, you want to hire only insured contractors.

If your property or a neighbor’s property gets damaged due to the repairs made to your HVAC system, the insurance company would pay for it. With insured contractors, there is a guarantee that you will receive compensation for major property damage. Even if a company offers the lowest price, find another provider if they're not insured.

Technicians Can’t Explain the Issue

Your HVAC system is similar to vehicles because it has a lot of moving parts. Technicians should inspect and test the unit, ask questions, and test some substances to diagnose the issue. Your repair technician should answer your questions and explain what you need to fix and why. If you hire someone who simply looks at the unit and gives you a list of things to fix, and they can’t explain why, it may be time to get a second opinion.

Properly maintained HVAC systems are property investments you need to make to reduce costs in the long run. To prolong the life of your HVAC units and keep energy costs low, look for an HVAC repair company that focuses on quality and in helping homeowners protect their investment. Schedule a service appointment with Quality Air Experts in Sterling today to access high-quality HVAC services that won’t strain your budget.