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When to Have Your Commercial Refrigerator Repaired

Commercial businesses like convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery stores rely on well-functioning commercial refrigeration to keep frozen inventory fresh and edible. When your commercial fridge malfunctions, spoilage is inevitable unless you have backup units. Quality Air Experts, a commercial refrigerator repair company in Sterling, shares some tips to help you determine if it’s time to call for repair experts to save you from losing thousands of dollars in lost inventory.

Not Powering Up

If you can’t turn on your commercial fridge, it may be a sign that it’s time for a repair. Before you call a technician, check if you plugged the unit properly into the socket. If that’s not the issue, check whether your power supply is functional. After determining that the problem appears to be with the unit, it’s time to call for repairs.

Issues With Fridge Temperature

Your commercial refrigerators need to maintain a certain temperature to keep your inventory fresh. If the fridge is not cool enough, your unit may be too close to a wall, making it hard for air to circulate or you may not be closing doors properly. Sometimes food blocks the vents or the thermostat, causing temperature issues. Reorganizing the fridge could solve the problem. Unfortunately, if the problem lies with a broken door hinge or a torn or damaged rubber, faulty thermostat, or other causes you cannot diagnose yourself, schedule for repairs as soon as possible.

Noisy and Annoying Compressor

Compressors that run continuously and loudly could indicate an issue with your unit. When this happens, your compressor may be working harder than usual. Dirt is a common issue with compressors. Your compressor and coil require regular maintenance at least every three months.

The refrigerator relies on the compressor to stay cool, and it’s best to let professionals diagnose issues with the compressor.

When your fridge temperature appears too hot, or you notice ice in drain pans, or food spoils inside the fridge, you may have a problem.

Knowing the signs of a possible issue with your commercial fridge could save you money. So, when you start noticing problems that may lead to a breakdown or when you decide to replace the malfunctioning unit, call Quality Air Experts in Sterling, VA. Schedule a consultation with the company’s expert HVAC repair technicians to fix your fridge or commercial refrigeration installation.